Blockchain identities should mix legacy data; don’t ignore it, import it

We’ve met many blockchain teams, all working hard to deliver “phase one”, an exploration into the blockchain technology. It’s the best way to get a feel and understand the technology trade-offs. Can these consensus machines become the main rails of communication for their industry? While the beautiful ideas of decentralized consensus are meeting engineering limitations

The Hunting of the SNARK

We are very excited to present to you The Hunting of the SNARK, a treasure hunt consisting of cryptographic challenges that will guide you through a zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) learning experience. As a reminder, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, invented decades ago [11], allow verifiers to validate a computation on private data by allowing a prover to generate a

Prove-it, Blockchain-it: ZKP in Action

Here is the video of a meetup we hosted recently in our offices in Tel Aviv. Part of the QED-it team (Jon, Kobi & Daniel) presented the applications of cryptographic Zero-Knowledge Proofs on the blockchain. We discussed the theoretical and practical aspects of this powerful tool along with a solution to the “Sudoku purist” incident in the 2013 International Sudoku

Introducing QED-it

Looking for confidentiality in blockchains? Put QED-it on your radar! “At QED-it, we help the blockchain industry go beyond experimentation and reach to its full potential. We solve the confidentiality tradeoff using scalable Zero-Knowledge Proof technology.” Jonathan S. Rouach, CEO   Blockchain emerged as a new industry in the past 3 years, with bold promises:

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