The Incredible Machine

How Alice, Bob, and Charlie used Zero-Knowledge and Blockchains to launch The Global Sudoku Revolution. This post is inspired by two great papers that make zero-knowledge proofs accessible to a wide audience: [1] How to Explain Zero Knowledge Protocols to Your Children (Quisquater et. al.) [2] Cryptographic and Physical Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems for Solutions of Sudoku

Press Release – Prof. Shafi Goldwasser joins QED-it Scientific Advisory Board.

Professor Shafi Goldwasser, Turing Award winner, to join the Scientific Advisory Board for Israeli enterprise blockchain startup QED-it. Jonathan Rouach, CEO and co-founder of QED-it, is very proud to announce that Prof. Shafi Goldwasser becomes part of the QED-it adventure by joining its Scientific Advisory Board. Prof. Shafi Goldwasser is co-creator of Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography,

Press Release – QED-it joins Thales program dedicated to cybersecurity at Station F.

QED-it’s CEO Jonathan Rouach is happy to announce that Thales has selected QED-it to join the CyberSecurity program at Station F (Paris), the world’s largest start-up campus. “We are really excited to enter this incredible ecosystem here in Europe. We are very proud to be chosen by Thales, a worldwide actor concerning cybersecurity, acknowledging the potential of our technology, the Zero-Knowledge Blockchain,” said

Blockchain identities should mix legacy data; don’t ignore it, import it

We’ve met many blockchain teams, all working hard to deliver “phase one”, an exploration into the blockchain technology. It’s the best way to get a feel and understand the technology trade-offs. Can these consensus machines become the main rails of communication for their industry? While the beautiful ideas of decentralized consensus are meeting engineering limitations

Prove-it, Blockchain-it: ZKP in Action

Here is the video of a meetup we hosted recently in our offices in Tel Aviv. Part of the QED-it team (Jon, Kobi & Daniel) presented the applications of cryptographic Zero-Knowledge Proofs on the blockchain. We discussed the theoretical and practical aspects of this powerful tool along with a solution to the “Sudoku purist” incident in the 2013 International Sudoku

Introducing QED-it

Looking for confidentiality in blockchains? Put QED-it on your radar! “At QED-it, we help the blockchain industry go beyond experimentation and reach to its full potential. We solve the confidentiality tradeoff using scalable Zero-Knowledge Proof technology.” Jonathan S. Rouach, CEO   Blockchain emerged as a new industry in the past 3 years, with bold promises:

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