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Public-Key Cryptographer Standards Developer Joins QEDIT as Scientific Advisor
January 16, 2020

QEDIT, a Privacy-Enhancing Technology provider, has announced the appointment of Dr. Burt Kaliski to its Scientific Advisory Board.

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Prioritizing Data Privacy for Enterprises 2020
December 23, 2019 by Brett Schor

As the dawn of a new decade approaches, QEDIT CEO Jonathan Rouach gives his thoughts on the status of the data privacy landscape, and what we can expect in 2020.

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Bringing Validation to Zero-Knowledge Proofs
November 25, 2019 by Brett Schor

Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) received a show of support from leading data privacy advocates and European regulators meeting in Málaga, Spain, for Convergence – The Global Blockchain Congress 2019 from November 11-13, 2019.

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How Privacy Enhancing Technology Can Close the Gap in Trade Financing
November 19, 2019 by Ori Wallenstein

The Supply Chain Finance (SCF) market has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade, and is currently estimated at $475 billion of annual traded volume.

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Community Drives Adoption, Part II: The Case for ZKP Standardization
October 15, 2019 by Jonathan Rouach

Our previous post, Standards Save Lives, looked at why we need an industry standard for zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) cryptography. Establishing a proper framework for ZKP adoption is a nontrivial task — it requires broad participation from various stakeholder communities.

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Zero-Knowledge Proof Cryptography: A Gateway to Enterprise Blockchain Adoption
September 30, 2019 by Jonathan Rouach

The transparent nature of blockchains is often presented as a virtue of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – it allows all participants to independently verify that shared data and transactional details on a shared ledger are valid. In other words, transparency keeps everyone honest.

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QEDIT's Privacy Solution for Supply Chains Showcased at VMworld Conference in San Francisco
September 04, 2019 by Brett Schor

n the heels of a successful integration with the VMware blockchain stack, QEDIT has just returned from the VMworld 2019 Conference in San Francisco where we launched a new educational tool to highlight the benefits of privacy for VMware enterprise blockchain customers.

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Standards Save Lives, Part I: The Case for ZKP Standardization
July 29, 2019 by Jonathan Rouach and Brett Schor

We often take them for granted, but in many cases, standards save lives. We know, it sounds a little melodramatic but think about your travel history for a moment — when was the last time you boarded a plane and bothered to read the emergency flight safety instructions?

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The birth of the ZKProof Community
June 20, 2019 by Jonathan Rouach and Daniel Benarroch

Zero Knowledge Proofs are real and in production, and ZCash are battle testing the first zkSNARK implementation, but the use of ZKP is expanding beyond cryptocurrency, to Enterprise: QED-it, IBM, Stratumn, R3 and more. The question we keep asking is why should clients trust a vendor?

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