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ZKP experts shared their knowledge at the 5th ZKProof Workshop

November 22, 2022 by Jonathan Rouach

The 2022 edition of ZKProof Workshop just ended, and I loved every bit of it!

The Great Sync

We had 100+ participants over 3 days, arriving to Tel-Aviv all the way from Korea, Japan, East and West-Coast USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. We got an overview of ZKP today, discussions on Plonk standardization, how to approach security, the state of programming languages and many other great presentations.

Special thanks to the ZKProof Editors (Eran Tromer, Luis Brandao, Mary Maller and Daniel Benarroch) for putting together such an amazing agenda!

Despite the stress of it, it was a joy to organize! We have a very inclusive, fun and interesting community.

Our sponsors really care about ZKP standards

In addition to our team at QEDIT who organized the event (special thanks to Liad, Nurit and Daniel), we had the support from:

As well as Aleo, Casper, Chainlink, Geometry, Mysten Labs, Protocol Labs and VMware Blockchain.

We also had great “Location Partners”, with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange hosting us for the 3 days, and a nice reception at the Bitcoin Embassy, curtesy of Bits of Gold.

Broad overview, times 3

Even though each of our keynote was a broad review of the space, we still had 3 distinct talks with almost no overlap! 🙂


Proof of pixels

All the ZKProof workshop is fully available online, enjoy… Thanks again for everyone who participated!

And finally, thanks to our official mood-capturing master @ronengoldman, you can checkout the pictures and see for yourself the fun on people’s faces..

The password is, of course: “zksnarks

If you find a super-star picture of yourself you want to share on social media, please credit @ronengoldman.