QEDIT for Business Growth

Leverage the strength & depth of your partnership network to enrich customer profiles and drive joint ROI




Onboard new users, lower customer acquisition costs, drive conversions & reduce churn via privacy-compliant data collaborations with your partners.






Key Benefits
Qualify Collaborations

Identify overlapping customers & swiftly assess the potential of a data-driven alliance

Acquire Customers

Grow your customer base through partner-led referral campaigns that target non-overlapping customers

Reduce Churn

Enrich your customer data with unique user insights for more personalized engagement

Generate Revenue

Improve segmentation and tailor your campaigns to cross-sell and upsell products and services

Key Features

Immediate value creation

Get started in minutes using a customizable template that enables you and other participants to discover overlapping customers and immediately acquire new, up-to-date and actionable insights.


Privacy-compliant technology

Safely collaborate on sensitive data to gain valuable customer intelligence, without violating data privacy regulations, and without leaking competitive company information or exposing PII.


Configurable governance

Securely manage the terms of your collaboration by predefining data fields that are relevant to your specific use case and selectively sharing new insights with your private network of trusted partners.


Automated, Real-Time Insights

Enhance the quality and accuracy of your customer data by automatically processing records and onboarding new information for ongoing, real-time segmentation and timely marketing campaigns.