QEDIT for Business Growth

Gain critical customer intelligence from new and existing business partners to drive joint ROI, increase market share and inform strategic decision making






Take your customer profiling to the next level with trusted insights from businesses in your ecosystem via secure cross-organizational data collaborations.  






Current restrictions

Having access to up-to-date external customer data would yield obvious strategic and commercial gains for companies, but tightening regulatory constraints and business sensitivities keep these data points out of reach.

The way forward

QEDIT enables business partners to safely collaborate and acquire previously inaccessible customer intelligence. By employing Privacy-Enhancing Technology, we help businesses retain ownership over their data, mitigate data security and facilitate regulatory compliance.

Immediate value creation

Get started in minutes using a customizable template that enables you and other participants to discover overlapping customers and immediately acquire new, up-to-date and actionable insights.


Privacy-compliant technology

Safely collaborate on sensitive data to gain valuable customer intelligence, without violating data privacy regulations, and without leaking competitive company information or exposing PII.


Configurable governance

Securely manage the terms of your collaboration by predefining data fields that are relevant to your specific use case and selectively sharing new insights with your private network of trusted partners.



Automated, Real-Time Insights

Enhance the quality and accuracy of your customer data by automatically processing records and onboarding new information for ongoing, real-time segmentation and timely marketing campaigns.