QEDIT for Data Monetization

Monetize data insights and create new sales funnels by verifying identities, establishing industry benchmarks, and facilitating regulatory enforcement. 




Safely aggregate and co-analyze siloed data points with trusted members of your ecosystem,  without sharing or compromising any confidential information.  






Current constraints

Selling data insights to members of your ecosystem can open up a lucrative new stream of revenue.  However, in most scenarios, this kind of commercial activity is impractical or risky due to strict regulatory constraints and other business sensitivities that could undercut a company’s competitiveness.

The way forward

Using innovations in Privacy-Enhancing Technology, businesses can securely create a go-to-market strategy for their data and provide valuable data services to other companies in a privacy-protected, regulatory compliant environment. 





Use Cases
Identity Data Verification

Provide identity verification services by allowing other companies to cross-reference the integrity of client information collected during their customer onboarding processes. 

Secure Access to Customer Data

Monetize access to your customer data and increase your margins by allowing partner companies to promote complementary products and services to your clients.

Identify Risk Indicators and Industry Benchmarks

Securely allow your data to be aggregated and compared with other companies’ records to identify common areas of risk and to create benchmarking data for sharper decision-making.

Regulatory Enforcement

Enable your data assets to be used for industry-wide intelligence sharing initiatives that help companies detect illegal activity, comply with regulations and enforce legal provisions.

Key Features

Immediate value creation

Swiftly integrate your database and get started in minutes using an intuitive, user-friendly interface that enables you to immediately generate up-to-date and actionable insights.


GDPR/CCPA-compliant technology

Safely collaborate on sensitive data to gain valuable customer intelligence, without violating data privacy regulations, and without leaking competitive company information or exposing PII.


Configurable governance

Securely manage the terms of your collaboration by predefining data fields that are relevant to your specific use case and selectively sharing new insights with your private network of trusted partners.