QEDIT for Risk Mitigation

Bolster your fraud detection capabilities, prevent crime and reduce investigation costs through cross-organizational data collaborations with trusted members of your ecosystem.






Securely compare customer information and sensitive financial data to prevent fraud and mitigate risk, without sharing or compromising any confidential information.  






Current constraints

In today’s hyper-competitive data economy, AI and business intelligence solutions that rely exclusively on siloed company data to mitigate risk are not sufficiently equipped to provide business-critical insights that can only be acquired through cross-company intelligence sharing. For most institutions, however, data-driven collaborations are deemed impractical due to strict regulatory constraints, confidentiality clauses and other privacy-related business sensitivities.

The way forward

Using innovations in Privacy-Enhancing Technology, companies can now cross-reference their data against external datasets from other businesses in their network, and can do so in a privacy-protected, regulatory compliant environment. 

Immediate value creation

Swiftly integrate your database and get started in minutes using an intuitive, user-friendly interface that enables you to immediately generate up-to-date and actionable insights.


GDPR/CCPA-Compliant Technology

Safely collaborate on sensitive data to gain valuable customer intelligence, without violating data privacy regulations, and without leaking competitive company information or exposing PII.


Configurable governance

Securely manage the terms of your collaboration by predefining data fields that are relevant to your specific use case and selectively sharing new insights with your private network of trusted partners.