Dynamic Identity

Providing proofs of evolving identity attributes throughout a spectrum ranging from self-sovereign to federated.

Real-Time Valuation

Accumulating operational data of assets so as to have continuous valuation for financing purposes.

Audit Trail

Allowing global verification of notarized processes spanning outside trust circles. Chains of proofs create a trail of interconnected events.

Business Process 

Proofs of data attributes pertaining to processes in finance, insurance, healthcare and telecom - aggregating structured events into a workflow while perserving privacy.

Regulatory Compliance

Verify compliance before a single event or prior to a process involving multiple stages. Individual regulatory parameters can be modified even after deployment.

Our Technology

Cryptographic Zero-knowledge proofs

We use schemes which allow to prove statements without revealing the underlying data.

Scalable zkSNARKs

Hardware and software acceleration of mathematical and cryptographic computations.

Pluggable consensus

QED-it's proving platform is agnostic to the underlying consensus mechanism.

Constraint Language Tooling

Adaptable building blocks that enable the expression of logical statements.

Use-case schemes

Tailored cryptographic schemes built for various business verticals.

Latest Posts

Introducing QED-it
April 3, 2017 by Jonathan Rouach

Looking for confidentiality in blockchains? Put QED-it on your radar! “At QED-it, we help the blockchain industry go beyond experimentation