Next Level Data Collaboration for the New Data Economy

Leverage innovative data monetization tools to collaborate with partners in a regulatory-compliant setting

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Cross-Industry Applications

QEDIT’s privacy-enabled solutions for the e-commerce, banking and insurance sectors enable companies to make sharper, more informed business decisions through collaborations with:


  • Strategic business partners and alliance members
  • Independent subsidiaries in a conglomerate
  • Siloed departments within multinational corporations
  • Members of industry consortia and associations
QEDIT for Business Growth

Maximize the impact of your partnerships through mutually-beneficial data collaborations that unlock exclusive customer insights and accelerate revenue growth.

QEDIT for Financial Crime Mitigation

Enhance KYC and Due Diligence processes, verify identities and pinpoint cases of loan stacking through secure intelligence sharing with other financial institutions.

QEDIT for Fraud Detection

Reveal new risk indicators, identify instances of policy stacking and reduce spending on fraudulent claims investigations by leveraging data from other insurance carriers.

Core Features
Immediate Value Creation

Seamlessly onboard new data and partners to swiftly acquire actionable business insights

GDPR/CCPA Compliance

Protect PII and sensitive customer data during collaborations

Configurable Governance

Securely define and manage the terms of data collaboration with your partners

Automated, Real-Time Insights

Process records on a rolling basis for ongoing segmentation and up-to-date results

Streamlined Decision-Making

Fill knowledge gaps to gain a holistic view of your data and make smarter business decisions


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