Keep details of your Blockchain transactions private from other nodes using Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography

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QEDIT provides an enterprise solution for preserving privacy on the Blockchain

Using QEDIT you can transfer ownership of Blockchain assets without revealing the confidential transaction details while still ensuring regulatory compliance according to custom-defined business rules.

QEDIT enables running audit queries such as credit and risk scoring without revealing the underlying private data used to calculate the score.

QEDIT uses standard compliant zero knowledge proof cryptography to ensure the confidentiality of transaction data and metadata delivering a scalable and robust enterprise solution.

How It Works?

Learn how the QEDIT solution can be used to perform private asset transfers, enforce business logic, and conduct scoring queries

Benefits of QEDIT Enterprise Solution



Support any Blockchain infrastructure

Implement private asset transfer on top of your existing Blockchain. Whether it is Ethereum, Corda, Quorum, Hyperledger, or Stellar, QEDIT is adaptable to every Blockchain stack

Custom business logic

Ensure every transaction complies with KYC, AML, and other regulations

ERC20-like and ERC721-like interfaces

Transfer fungible and non-fungible assets using familiar interfaces

Proof scalability

QEDIT’s proof chaining technology allows scalability and robustness to support required throughputs and modularity

Integrate easily to existing systems

Use Java, C#, Javascript, Go or any other of our native language SDKs for quick integration into your existing system

Standard compliant cryptography

QEDIT applies zero knowledge proof cryptography according to the defined standards of the zkproof.org standardization effort

Our solution includes ready-made, scalable and modular schemes for a variety of use cases:

Private Asset Transfer
  • Private, verifiable transactions
  • Fungible & non-fungible assets
  • Enforce business logic & regulation

Supply Chain Management
  • Track and trace goods and parts
  • Prove authenticity and origin
  • Compliance & regulation

Identity Management
  • Self-sovereign identities
  • Credit and risk scoring
  • Fraud prevention

Work with our Professional Services team to customize the system for your use-case


QEDIT team is composed by a world-class team of entrepreneurs, researchers and developers. The Scientific Advisory Board includes Professor Shafi Goldwasser, co-inventor of zero-knowledge proof cryptography and 2012 Turing Award winner


Jonathan Rouach
Jonathan Rouach
CEO, co-founder
Technion Electrical Eng., Army Intel. Founder of Bits of Gold, largest Bitcoin exchange in Israel, and of a security company acquired by Digital Asset Holding
Prof. Aviv Zohar
Prof. Aviv Zohar
Chief Scientist, co-founder
Professor in Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. World expert for resilient blockchain consensus schemes Listed by The Marker “40 under 40”
Ruben Arnold
Ruben Arnold
Executive Chairman of the Board, co-founder
Technion Electrical Engineering Former McKinsey consultant in management and organisation, serial entrepreneur
Ori Wallenstein
Ori Wallenstein
VP Product
Experienced product leader in B2B and B2B2C. Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and Tel Aviv University, MBA
Shiri Lemel
Shiri Lemel
VP Business Development
Tel Aviv University engineering and MBA alumni. Former head of EMEA Tech Sales of the Enterprise Security product Trusteer at IBM
Arbel Deutsch Peled
Arbel Deutsch Peled
VP Engineering
Seasoned Air Force instructor, commander, and leader. Holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science. Theoretical Cryptography researcher. Previously Director of R&D at Twiggle.

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Shafi Goldwasser
Prof. Shafi Goldwasser
Scientific Advisor
Professor in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science at MIT. Co-inventor of Zero-knowledge proofs. Gödel Awards 1993, 2001 Turing Award, 2012
Prof. Eran Tromer
Prof. Eran Tromer
ZKP Advisor
Assistant Professor at Tel Aviv University, Columbia Univeristy. Expert in cryptography, zero-knowledge-proof systems, zkSNARK


QEDIT is proud to be part of the ZKProof.org community, supporting and contributing to the development of the standards

Our products conform to the standards developed by the community, starting with the documents generated in the first workshop


Don't Lose 4% of Your Company's Global Turnover Due to GDPR Regulatory Negligence
In the GDPR defined compliance era, the mishandling of data has become more and more costly for enterprises from a financial and reputational standpoint.

Bitfury, QEDIT and other blockchain firms recognized as Technology Pioneers by World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum (WEF) has recently announced its selection of the most promising Technology Pioneers of 2019. This year’s cohort lists 56 early to growth-stage companies that are pioneering new technologies and innovations ranging from the use of artificial intelligence to fight human trafficking, driverless trucks, quantum computing systems, compostable packaging, and blockchain solutions to tackle disinformation.

VMware And Other Leading Enterprises Partner With Blockchain Company To Implement Data Privacy
VMware, Ant Financial and RGAX (subsidiary of RGA - Reinsurance Group of America) have announced today a partnership with QEDIT, an Israeli blockchain security company, to implement data privacy solutions across their blockchain networks.

Ant Financial Joins $10 Mln Series A, Partners With ZKP Blockchain Privacy Solutions Firm
Ant Financial, the financial affiliate of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has participated in a $10 million Series A round for QEDIT, an Israeli blockchain privacy solutions firm that develops zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology.


QEDIT Announced as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum
QEDIT Announced as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum has announced its selection of the 56 most promising Technology Pioneers of 2019 who are shaping industries from agriculture and cleantech…
QEDIT announces partnerships with VMware, Ant Financial, and RGAX to showcase a highly-secure privacy protocol for blockchain, based on Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography
QEDIT announces partnerships with VMware, Ant Financial, and RGAX to showcase a highly-secure privacy protocol for blockchain, based on Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography
Announcement follows closure of QEDIT’s investment round with USD 10 million secured from investors   Tel Aviv, Israel – April 29 – ​QEDIT,​ an enterprise…
World Economic Forum: collaborating while respecting the global push for sovereignty
World Economic Forum: collaborating while respecting the global push for sovereignty
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Zero-Knowledge taxation on Ethereum
Zero-Knowledge taxation on Ethereum
  At QED‐it, we have a mission to provide privacy preserving systems for the enterprise. For the last two years, we’ve worked on many projects,…

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