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If you’re passionate about data privacy and care about technological excellence, we should talk.


Founded in 2016 by a world-class team of accomplished tech entrepreneurs, researchers, and developers, QEDIT has emerged as a global leader in the field of Zero-Knowledge Proofs.


The company comprises industry experts and professionals who love what they do and is overseen by a Scientific Advisory Board that includes world-renowned cryptographers from leading academic institutions all over the globe. 


QEDIT is leading the standardisation of Zero-Knowledge Proofs through the ZKProof.org Workshops, and builds production-grade ZKP systems for blockchain. We are a growing startup and always on the lookout for phenomenal individuals who share our vision to reclaim privacy in the digital world.

Open Positions

We are looking for an experienced cryptography engineer to join as a member of the core engineering team. As a Cryptography engineer, you will have an extensive impact over the product, the architecture, and the technology.


We work on a privacy-first next-gen blockchain, built in Rust with a C++ component. Technologies include zero-knowledge proofs, elliptic curve cryptography, advanced blockchain state management and other cutting edge techniques.


The perfect match

We are looking for a talented, forward-thinking and ambitious cryptographer to help us research and develop cutting-edge cryptosystems.

You should guide and provide direction and advice to junior members of the team.

Your passion and expertise in cryptography will be used daily as you interact with software engineers and mathematicians, driving changes and building crypto related software.


What you’ll be doing

  • Be part in cutting-edge research in cryptography and blockchain technology.
  • Develop new protocols while studying and learning from existing ones. For instance, developing for the Zcash protocol heavily relies on cutting-edge zero-knowledge proofs research.
  • Work with the development team on implementing the research into our codebase.
  • Research in collaboration with external teams, possibly leading to partnerships.


What we need to see

  • BS.c, MS.c or PhD degree in Computer Science or Mathematics with an emphasis on developing and implementing cryptographic protocols.
  • Experience contributing to research communities, including publishing papers.
  • Excellent written, communication and collaboration skills.


Ways to stand out from the crowd

  • You’ve implemented new cryptosystems and would feel comfortable overseeing others doing the same.
  • Experience with application of privacy-preserving cryptographic techniques to applications domains.
  • You have programming experience and proficiency in one or more of the following: Go, Rust, C, C++, Haskell, OCaml.
  • You’ve demonstrated the ability to design and execute on research agenda.
  • Blockchain enthusiasm and familiarity with use cases and applications based on it.


We’ll make a good team if…

  • Agility is your motto: you are at ease with moving targets and changing environments
  • Team player, you successfully and humbly contribute to group discussions and team effort
  • Passionate about cryptography, software and blockchains, you enjoy thinking about and discussing technical challenges, design choices, and code style with your peers
  • You have a solid understanding of agile methodology concepts
  • Without using Google, you know what Q.E.D. means, possibly even 2 different meanings

Join QEDIT now!

  • Sharp, motivated peers who can’t wait to meet you 🙂
  • Competitive full-time compensation
  • Work in an inclusive, nurturing team where you’re valued as a person, not just as a worker

You didn’t find the ideal job position on our career page?


We are always on the search for great talent to join our team, including Cryptography Interns on a biannual basis. Please share your CV and career expectations with us and we will get back to you if you’re a match.


Please contact [email protected]