Our SaaS platform provides clients with a new way to engage in cross-company data collaborations that can  unlock new value and solve concrete business needs.

  • Accelerate Business Growth by leveraging shared customer data to launch more effective marketing campaigns. 
  • Mitigate Risk by pooling and comparing sensitive records to detect under-the-radar fraud. 
  • Monetize data by creating a go-to-market for data insights that are relevant to your ecosystem.

Enterprises that participate in a QEDIT-secured collaboration will define which data points will be shared and how the newly-generated insights will be used by each party.

QEDIT leverages a type of Multiparty Computation called  Private Set Intersection (PSI). This cryptographic technique allows two or more parties to compare datasets and find common values, without revealing any non-intersecting data. Since all data points are locally encrypted using secure hash functions, before being sent for processing,  sensitive business information is never exposed to QEDIT and cannot be leaked or hacked by malicious parties.

The solution employs various advanced Privacy-Enhancing Techniques, including secure multiparty computation and homomorphic encryption that allow QEDIT to analyze and run calculations on encrypted data sets without retrieving or exposing any underlying raw data.

The QEDIT platform is a SaaS solution that can be deployed in a private or cloud-hosted environment.

The QEDIT Platform is a SaaS solution delivered through a web app. It employs in-browser hashing and encryption methods, and no additional hardware is needed. A command line interface is also available for integration with legacy databases and automation with third party office tools and apps