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A privacy-first approach to solving industry-wide challenges to data collaboration and sharing

QEDIT is an enterprise-ready, cross-organizational data collaboration platform engineered for the New Data Economy. We leverage the latest innovations in Privacy-Enhancing Technology to help you safely monetize data assets, improve business analytics processes and gain actionable insights from 2nd parties in a risk-free environment.


Our highly scalable, cloud-hosted platform seamlessly integrates with legacy database systems so you can be up and running in no time. QEDIT provides you with timely, business-critical intelligence through a configurable dashboard, advanced reporting functionality, real-time notifications and more.

Integrate your database

Seamlessly link your existing CRM to facilitate swift onboarding, and to keep your records fully synchronized with newly discovered data insights.

Visualize Your Findings

View highlights from your data analysis, access key metrics and create customizable graphs that help you gather a high-level holistic understanding of results.

Acquire Granular Insights

Search, sort and filter results for reporting purposes, while using conditional formatting, customizable tags, and other tools to flag records that require immediate attention.

Simplify your workflow

Automate processes with triggered actions and live notifications directly to your office apps and tools whenever noteworthy data insights are discovered.