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Prove-it, Blockchain-it: ZKP in Action

July 04, 2017 by Daniel Benarroch

ZKP in Action

Here is the video of a meetup we hosted recently in our offices in Tel Aviv. Part of the QED-it team (Jon, Kobi & Daniel) presented the applications of cryptographic Zero-Knowledge Proofs on the blockchain (Our ZKP in Action). We discussed the theoretical and practical aspects of this powerful tool along with a solution to the “Sudoku purist” incident in the 2013 International Sudoku Championship. During the competition a 100×100 sudoku puzzle was tweaked to have no solution, by a fanatic who believed that sudokus should only be 9×9. The participants spent hours trying to solve it, without realizing that the puzzle had no solution. The sudoku competitors decided that they would not participate again until they could be assured of the existence of a solution.

How we solved it

Want to know how we solve the problem and learn some awesome cryptography on the fly? Watch the video here!