November 22, 2022 by Jonathan Rouach

The global standardization event, held this year in Tel-Aviv, brought together 100+ cryptographers, for intense sessions on the future of Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

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3 ways the insurance industry can benefit from secure data collaboration
February 04, 2021 by Marta De Stradis

As the insurtech space matures, insurance companies are increasingly keen to explore data-driven AI and machine learning technologies to mitigate risk and drive ROI. However, these solutions come with limitations…

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Year in Review: 3 key lessons for post-pandemic success
December 15, 2020 by Shiri Lemel

2020 was anything but business as usual. The onset of a once in a lifetime pandemic fundamentally changed the fabric of life for the global population, and placed an immense strain on the enterprise community.

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Maximize Impact of Partnerships with Data-Driven Collaborations
November 05, 2020 by David Hayat

In today’s highly competitive and mobilized digital economy, data is the centerpiece of a successful growth strategy for enterprises.

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Top Tips for Evaluating a Data Collaboration Platform
October 22, 2020 by Ori Wallenstein

Companies operating in today’s highly competitive global and online markets are increasingly compelled to find innovative ways to leverage their business relationships for monetary and strategic gain.

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Meet QEDIT's New Head of Protocol Engineering Aurélien Nicolas
August 04, 2020 by Brett Schor

Tel Aviv, Israel – August 4, 2020 – QEDIT, an innovator in the field of privacy-centric data collaboration, is pleased to announce the internal promotion of Aurel Nicolas to Head of Protocol Engineering.

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Meet QEDIT's New Director of Research Daniel Benarroch
July 27, 2020 by Brett Schor

Tel Aviv, Israel – July 21, 2020 – QEDIT, a Privacy-Enhancing Technology (PET) provider, is delighted to announce the appointment of Daniel Benarroch to the role of Director of Research.

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5 Ways That Data Collaboration Can Grow Your Business | QEDIT
July 07, 2020 by Ori Wallenstein

Data collaboration between enterprises is essential for sustainable growth in the digital era, especially for companies that routinely rely on big data to inform business practices but have exhausted their internal data silos.

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Privacy Standard for CBDC Transactions
May 27, 2020 by Ori Wallenstein

Today’s fractured economic landscape, coupled with the recent proliferation of electronic payment solutions, has provided the impetus for central banks around the globe to accelerate their pursuit of new and innovative frameworks to keep pace with the state of digital finance in the 21st century.

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