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QEDIT Joins Thales Program Dedicated to Cybersecurity at Station F

October 17, 2017 by Nicholas de Chalonge

 QEDIT  joins the CyberSecurity program at Station F

QEDIT’s CEO Jonathan Rouach is happy to announce that Thales has selected QEDIT to join the CyberSecurity program at Station F (Paris), the world’s largest start-up campus. “We are really excited to enter this incredible ecosystem here in Europe. We are very proud to be chosen by Thales, a worldwide actor concerning cybersecurity, acknowledging the potential of our technology, the Zero-Knowledge Blockchain,” said Jonathan Rouach.

QEDIT  & Thales’ expertise

Founded by a team of French and Israeli researchers and entrepreneurs, QEDIT will benefit from Thales’ expertise to speed-up its market adoption. Ruben Arnold, CFO of QEDIT said, “One of the most interesting parts of this program is the privileged access we will have to Thales customers. We now have offices both in Tel Aviv and Paris, which is a great way to reach European leading companies in banking, industry or services.”

Europe is a thrilling opportunity for QEDIT

According to Jonathan Rouach, opening offices here in Europe is a thrilling opportunity:“We are convinced that Paris is becoming a hot spot in the world for cryptography, data security, Blockchain for business, data privacy and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) supporting solutions.”