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QEDIT Promotes Aurélien Nicolas to Head of Protocol Engineering

August 04, 2020 by Brett Schor

Tel Aviv, Israel – August 4, 2020

QEDIT, an innovator in the field of privacy-centric data collaboration, is pleased to announce the internal promotion of Aurel Nicolas to Head of Protocol Engineering. Aurel’s expertise and leadership in architecting secure protocols will help ensure the robustness of QEDIT’s enterprise offering, and his distinguished technical acumen will continue to benefit the broader cryptographic community and developer ecosystem.  


In parallel to his work with QEDIT’s R&D team, Aurel has been extremely active in the ZKProof community. He played a key role in engineering zkInterface, a powerful tool that helps QEDIT and other developers build customizable and application-specific ZKP solutions. Earlier this year, together with Professor Eran Tromer, Professor Justin Thaler and Daniel Benarroch, Aurel co-authored a ZKP benchmarking proposal for the 3rd annual ZKProof workshop. The framework helps developers swiftly assess the performance of various ZKP schemes and identify the optimal ZKP construction for their use case.


Commenting on his promotion, Aurel Nicolas, Head of Protocol Engineering at QEDIT, said, “I’m delighted to embark on my next chapter with QEDIT, to build upon our shared successes, but most importantly, to continue my work with the talented R&D and Product teams. Together, we have designed a highly-secure data collaboration platform that incorporates a broad range of privacy-enhancing techniques, but we’re constantly striving to improve performance, efficiency and scalability. I’m thrilled to have QEDIT’s unwavering support to advance ZKP standardization as I expand my involvement with its rapidly maturing developer ecosystem.”


Before joining QEDIT, Aurel co-founded a startup in the field of machine learning and worked as a cybersecurity consultant for Oracle. He also served as an auditor for smart contract token projects on the Ethereum blockchain, and helped audit the protocol used by the leading privacy cryptocurrency, Zcash. During his white hat hacking days, he discovered a bug that earned him a spot on Google’s Hall of Fame. 


Jonathan Rouach, CEO and Co-Founder of QEDIT said, “Aurel is a rising star in the cryptographic community and we’re very fortunate to have him on our team. There’s a lot of complex, under-the-hood cryptography powering QEDIT’s platform and having Aurel at the helm when it comes to protocol design and system architecture is a major asset to the company. Not only have his contributions helped establish QEDIT as a robust, enterprise-ready data collaboration platform, they are also helping to drive wider industry adoption of solutions based on advanced cryptography.”    





QEDIT helps enterprises securely collaborate on data in order to monetize insights and create cost-saving opportunities. Founded by a world-class team of accomplished entrepreneurs, researchers, and developers, QEDIT empowers businesses by enabling them to safely leverage data in their ecosystem and share intelligence, without relinquishing data ownership and without violating local data privacy regulations. Through the use of Privacy-Enhancing Technology, including Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) cryptography and other advanced techniques, QEDIT removes barriers to industry-wide data usage in the fields of finance, insurance, retail, human resources and more.