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QEDIT's Privacy Solution for Supply Chains Showcased at VMworld Conference

September 04, 2019 by Brett Schor

Qedit attended VMworld 2019 conference in San Francisco

On the heels of a successful integration with the VMware blockchain stack, QEDIT has just returned from the VMworld 2019 Conference in San Francisco where we launched a new educational tool to highlight the benefits of privacy for VMware enterprise blockchain customers.

Qedit zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) for supply chains environment

A QEDIT module that uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) in a blockchain-simulated supply chain environment for the food industry, is now live within VMware’s Hands-on Lab (HOL) — a virtualized platform that helps IT professionals test VMware blockchain products and services before deploying in production.

Using Distributed Ledger Technology within food supply chain

Companies like NestleStarbucks and Carrefour are already convinced of the value proposition behind using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) within a food supply chain. In addition to providing operational efficiencies, it offers greater transparency to consumers about the origin and quality of the food products they purchase, and better traceability when food safety issues require investigation by public health officials.


In the QEDIT HOL module, we replace a farmer’s raw transactional details — who they did business with, which goods were sold, and at what volume — with zero-knowledge proofs that confirm the validity of the transaction without revealing any sensitive business data to other parties on the network. Competing farmers, distributors, storage warehouses and grocers using the same blockchain can verify the integrity of the proofs, but they cannot learn anything that the transacting parties wouldn’t want to publicly disclose.


QEDIT’s interactive module will be available to the public at the beginning of Q4, and will initially be used to facilitate the onboarding of supply chain consortia onto the VMware blockchain. It will also serve as a tool to help other enterprise companies better understand how zero-knowledge proofs preserve privacy and facilitate collaboration among competitors in their ecosystem.


Ori Wallenstein, QEDIT’s VP of Product, conducted two expert-led workshops at the VMworld Conference. During the workshops, users were able to toggle between various supply chain personas and authorize transactions to better understand how privacy is preserved on a QEDIT-secured blockchain. Through a real-world example, participants learned how ZKPs can enhance trust among members of the network and maintain the utility of the blockchain.


QEDIT is thrilled to be a partner of VMware and to be solving privacy issues that have hindered blockchain adoption at enterprise level. The integration with VMware is another strong seal of approval for our enterprise solution for preserving data privacy and illustrates the value of ZKP cryptography in a distributed environment.


Visit our website to learn more about QEDIT, schedule a demo or request a copy of our supply chain use case for luxury goods.